Bulk Fuels & Lubricants

On time delivery or plant pick-up, NVP can supply all your fuel and lubricant needs. From food grade lubricants for wineries to off road dyed diesel for farm and construction, our experienced drivers supply your needs in a clean safe and responsible manner. Having a local office and warehouse provides the products you need when you need them along with the expertise to recommend the right product for your equipment. Apply for an account application.

Fuels • Bulk Delivery

  • Diesel Fuels • On Road, “Red” Off Road, Biodiesel blends
  • Gasoline • Automotive
  • Kerosene • Heating oil

Lubricants • Bulk and Packaged

  • Automotive • Engine, Transmission, Gear Oil, Grease, Synthetics, Re-refined
  • Agricultural • Construction, Tractor, Synthetic
  • Industrial • Hydraulic,Compressors, Gear Oils, Refrigeration, Synthetics
  • Food Grade • Hydraulic, Gear Oil, Grease
  • Aviation • Piston Engine, Jet Engine, Hydraulic, Grease
  • Racing • Engine, Transmission, Gear Oil, Grease, Synthetics, Kart Oils
  • Natural Gas • Engine Oil


  • Antifreeze • Dew Frost, Food Grade Refrigeration, Automotive, Extended Life, Coolant Additives
  • Solvents • Alcohol, Thinner, Acetone, MEK, Biodegradable Citrol Degreaser, Methanol
  • Automotive • Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Injector Cleaner, Lead Substitute, Diesel
  • Sprays • Starting Fluid, Brake Cleaner, Lubricants, Degreasers
  • Fuel Additives • Diesel Treatments, Octane Boosters, Diesel Biostat
  • Soil Amendments • Wetsol, Aquaturf


  • Tanks • Fuel, Lubricants, Containments, UL142 Double Wall, UL2085 Vaulted
  • Pumps • Air, Electric, Hand, Fuel and Propane Hoses, Nozzles, Fuel Filters
  • Environmental Products • Spill Control Supplies, Drum Containment Pallets